SC Live Website

Student Organization Website Application

SC Live is an registered student organization at the University of Southern California which supports current students and alumni in streaming and content creation. Their current presence is on mainly on Twitch, as part of the Twitch Team, USC Live.

As an online-facing organization, it was vital to develop a website which would collect online traffic and interest in our organization. It was also important to be able to feature our members, since they were strongly tied to the internet with their interests as well.

This web application was a full-stack endeavor which uses both frontend languages such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript and back-end languages/scripts such as PHP and MySQL to store the data. It also connects to the Twitch API to access real-time data, such as the bios of creators on the team and the Create/Remove/Update/Delete (CRUD) processes of adding new creators to the team on the website.


Full-Stack Web Designer


HTML/CSS | JavaScript | PHP | FileZilla | cPanel | Twitch API | MySQL | Heroku

Header for SC Live
Header for SC Live
Header for SC Live