Mixed SC

Graphic + Logo Design

Mixed SC is a student organization at USC dedicated to supporting students of interracial descent and culture. As member of Innovative Design @ USC in Fall 2020, I had the opportunity to work with Mixed SC to redesign their logo and create merchandise designs.


Graphic Designer


Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator


Over a semester, my team and I interviewed and worked with the members of Mixed SC to create a logo and aesthetic which represented them as an organization. During this time, we interviewed members of the organization and created multiple designs which we iterated on after getting feedback from the organization.

In the end, we created 2 designs: a logo design for their social media platforms and a t-shirt for their members. Here are my personal designs for the logo and t-shirt, with the logo being the main inspiration for their present day design.

Drafts for Logo and T-Shirt Design
Final Mockups for Logo and T-Shirt Design